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Introducing Lake Hopatcong Chiropractors
Dr. Tami, Dr. Bret, & Dr. Stephanie

Dr. Tami Hartman

Our practice is family oriented and we welcome people of all ages with all types of health concerns. We take pride in our office and we continually strive to make sure that everyone enjoys a friendly, pleasant and comfortable visit.

Lake Hopatcong Chiropractor, Dr. Tami Hartman

Lake Hopatcong Chiropractor, Dr. Tami Hartman

Our philosophy is simple: it is easier to stay well than to get well. We are here to inspire and empower people to live healthier lives through the principles of chiropractic care and other lifestyle factors.

When asked how she found chiropractic, Dr. Tami Hartman remembers that she was always fearful of getting sick. She explains, “I guess you would’ve called me a hypochondriac to some degree. However, it was this fear that drove me towards a deep desire to learn all that I could about health and healing ~ in an attempt to avoid sickness at all costs!” She believes that it was this fear that ultimately led her to chiropractic. more »

Dr. Tami continues, “Once I learned how Chiropractic helped improve brain function, immune system and overall health expression, I knew that I had found my purpose in life. After undergrad, I went to Chiropractic College in Atlanta and I’ve never looked back.”

Dr. Tami’s focus on family wellness — especially pediatrics and pregnancy — have benefited the Jefferson community since 1998. She is a certified Holistic Health Counselor (accredited by The American Academy of Drugless Practitioners) and is currently an elected board member of the Association of New Jersey Chiropractors. Among other activities, Dr. Tami is an active member of the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association (ICPA) and the Holistic Pediatric Association.

Dr. Tami’s vision is to create a healthier world ~ one family at a time! She is committed to helping families reach their health goals and raising the next generation drug free!

“Everyday, I get the privilege of hearing patients tell me how their life has changed because of Chiropractic care.” Dr. Tami Hartman beams, “There is no greater feeling in the world to me.”

We encourage you to look around this site because we know that you will find some great information. We look forward to meeting you in person and learning how we may be of service to you. Please give our office a call and let’s arrange a time to explore how we can help you live your best life!

Dr. Bret Hartman

Lake Hopatcong Chiropractor, Dr. Bret Hartman

Lake Hopatcong Chiropractor, Dr. Bret Hartman

Our philosophy at Family Chiropractic is simple. The people that eat well, move well, and think well will give themselves the best chance of living a high quality, energetic, happy and long life.

At Family Chiropractic we have two main goals when we first meet the patient. The first is to find the root cause of the patients problem and to naturally help correct that problem through Chiropractic care. The second is to educate, motivate and inspire our patients as to the importance of the Chiropractic lifestyle and its role to achieving optimal health and peak performance. more »

“Chiropractic has had a major impact on my overall health”, says Dr. Bret. He explains, “for as long as I can remember I was allergic to cats and dogs and would get sick several times a year. I started getting weekly adjustments in 1998 and since then my immune function has dramatically increased, I no longer have allergies and I rarely get sick.”

Dr. Hartman’s vision as a Family Wellness Chiropractor is to help raise the next generation drug free. “For me the best part of being a Chiropractor is having a chance to drastically change a persons life for the better”, says Dr. Hartman.

Dr. Bret specializes in working with children, pregnancy, and families. He is an active member in the Association of New Jersey Chiropractors (ANJC), the International Chiropractic Pediatrics Association (ICPA), the Holistic Moms Network (HMN), and the National Vaccination Information Center (NVIC). He is currently working on becoming a Certified Chiropractic Wellness Provider (CCWP). Dr. Bret Hartman also is available to do outside health lectures on increasing your immune system, peak energy, nutrition, exercise, stress and vaccination. To book him for an outside lecture contact the office.

Dr. Stephanie Wigner

Dr. Stephanie

Lake Hopatcong Chiropractor, Dr. Stephanie Wigner

Hello, my name is Dr. Stephanie Wigner. Originally from Dodge City, KS, my boyfriend Kyle, a native of New Jersey, and I just recently moved to Morris County, New Jersey. I grew up on a small farm, with lots of horses, cows and chickens. My family – Grandpa, Sister, Mom and Step Father continue to reside there.

Growing up, I was involved in all sports, Volleyball and Basketball were my favorites. Due to a knee injury my basketball career was cut short. It was then that I really started focusing on my schooling. I took some classes at the junior college while still in high school and then later attended the University of Kansas. Rock chalk Jayhawk!

While in college I worked as an afternoon preschool teacher for a Montessori school. I quickly realized how much I enjoyed being surrounded by children. I looked forward to my afternoons spent with them and even began babysitting for families in my class.

I knew I wanted to become a Chiropractor when I saw the holistic lifestyle they believed in. Promoting fitness, proper nutrition and a healthy functioning immune system was the type of thing I was into. Halfway through Palmer, I got involved with pediatric and perinatal chiropractic. After all, it made the most sense to spend my day adjusting kids because that’s truly where my passion is. I currently am working towards my pediatric diplomate. more »

I graduated from Palmer College of Chiropractic February 2015 cum laude. While at Palmer, I met my boyfriend Kyle. We decided we wanted to live close to his large family and I wanted to try living outside of the Midwest, so here we are! Everyone in Jersey has been so welcoming thus far…and I am so excited to be serving the Jefferson community.